Daniele Pascal


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Dr Daniele Pascal, acclaimed French chanteuse, actor and playwright is the ambassador of the French chanson in South Africa.

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Daniele Pascal has received several theatre awards and service accolades. She is renowned for her interpretation of the music of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Leonard Cohen and the French Cafe Song genre.

Daniele has popularized the French chanson to new levels with her unique and intimate approach and nowhere is the French tradition better expressed than in her repertoire.

Daniele has been compared to Edith Piaf and is affectionately known as “Piaf” amongst her fans and corporate clients. Her style is elegant, classic and sophisticated.
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La Marseillaise -
A quoi sert l'amour
Daniele sings
The French National Anthem
Flons Flons du Bal
Let Daniele entertain you and your guests at your next function with a repertoire of French Cafe songs, Edith Piaf favourites and other French legends. Relive vintage France and the Belle Eqopue. Better still ADD on an accordionist, a gypsy-jazz guitarist, can-can dancers and DJ Leo, the popular French music DJ , and you will have an affair!
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