Daniele Pascal

Released: 2007
Product id:crz008

Timeless collection of romantic French Café songs. quintessentially Parisian, a unique style, a classic joie de vivre, resplendent of the enjoyment of French Musette.
Hymne a l'amour-
The Songs of Edith Piaf
Released: 2000
Product id: leoprod 02

Pascal's magical collection of the most famous Edith Piaf songs. All songs in French
Pascal Sings Brel
Originally released: 1989
Relaunched: 1999
Product id: leoprod 01

This album is a celebration of the music of the Flemish composer, lyricist - Jacques Brel. The songs reflect his childhood, dreams, regrets, passion, love, death and tenderness. All songs in French
Originally Released:1996
Relaunched: 2001
Product id:leoprod 03

deserves all the accolades it has received. This beloved performer sings tribute to her friend Leonard Cohen
Dance me to the end of love-
The Songs of Leonard Cohen
Originally released as Paris Berlin
Relaunched: 2001 as Nostalgia
Product id: leoprod 05

This French and English musical compilation fuses together the essence of Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. a WW 2 feel with jazz and chanson.
Broken Dreams
Noel en Provence
Re-Released: 2003
Product id: leoprod 06

Hauntingly different. Pascal spins a passionate delivery of songs from her production of Fallen Angel. Songs by Marianne Faithfull, Tracy Chapman, Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel. She creates a romantic mood that is hard to forget. A definite must have!
Originally released:1989
Relaunched: 1990
Relaunched: 2001
Product id: leoprod 04

Famous and traditional Christmas songs of Provence.It has a very exciting feel with jazz arrangements. A radiant and uplifiting album that invites repeated listening. Songs in French and English
Released: 2003
 Product id:leoprod 07

Afrikaans crossover album with a French feel.. An enchanting breeze with pop, jazz, electronic and funky rhythms, with an exquisite French adaptation of le chant des Alisees (kinders van die wind). Proceeds various Animal Charities.
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