Daniele Pascal

Aids Education and Support

Street Children Projects

The Salesian Institute for Street Children, Cape Town

Street Children Projects Windhoek, Namibia

The SOS Children Village

Red Cross Children's Memorial

St Lukes


Animal Welfare

Cart Horse Protection Association

The Theatre Benevolent Fund

Musicians Benefit Concerts

Phambile Rape and Abuse Centre, George 

Durbanville Children's Home

Animal Welfare
Rape and Abuse Centres
Durbanville Childrens Home
Aids Support
Charities Supported
For the past 25 years, Danièle has been a Goodwill Ambassador supporting various charitable organizations and community projects.

In 1985, she was one of the first performers in South Africa to have endorsed the plea of aids sufferers while focusing on education and vulnerable children affected by Hiv/Aids, and is currently still involved.

“We all need to do what we can and this nation has inspired me to address the needs that challenge communities and improve peoples’ lives. I have the deepest gratitude to have been able to experience the magical walk through the very special musical landscape of Africa, then my work is justified by my efforts to be useful, there you have it I keep trying along with those who love and protect me. I am going through a very strong adventure humanly and artistically. One day, in the future, I will sing about my own truth, perhaps even my own happiness” says Danièle.

Danièle has been honoured with several community awards for her dedication and courage. As an animal rights activist, she has been an active advocate for the well-being of animals for the last ten years, and has been supporting The Carthorse Protection Association through her concerts and cd sales.

The CHPSA is a welfare organization based in Epping who provides static and mobile clinic services, support, education and training to disadvantaged communities living on the Cape Flats who use horses and carts to collect scrap metal as a means of generating an income for themselves and their families.


Cart Horse Protection Association
Box 846, Eppingdust, 7475
Tel: 021-535 3435, Fax: 021-535 3434

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Daniele with her whippets
 (Maya, Pagnol and Mimi)